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Zac Efron’s Secret To Conquering Sugar Cravings


Since the days of High School Musical, Zac Efron has truly come a long way in transforming his body. Back in the day he was still extremely fit but due to new films roles his physique has become God like ripped.

Recent movie Neighbours/Bad Neighbours where he plays the character of a hot Jock was where we got to see plenty of Zac with his shirt off, showcasing his new body – It even caused Seth Rogans character to say “He looks like something a gay guy designed in a laboratory”. Now with the new Baywatch movie coming up we are seeing an even more ripped Efron, but how has he done it? Even the Rock came out and said he’s an animal.

What’s the trick?

Besides working out 5-6 days a week, Zac Efron has transformed his diet & eradicated his sugar urges. In a recent interview he explained that he has changed his diet to Organic, whole foods. Efron went on to explain “After a while your body stops craving junk food and you look forward to these meals”.

“There’s this trigger that happens after two or three weeks of dieting and eating healthy food, where your body switches its primary energy source from burning mainly carbohydrates to burning fat.”

Zac Efron has now become so used to eating healthy that he doesn’t even want unhealthy food anymore, the cravings are gone. “When it switches over, all your cravings change,” Efron explains. “You go, ‘Holy cow, I want kale and vinaigrette shredded with beets and a little bit of sweet potato!’”

Is he correct?

According to experts Zac Efron is correct, Marcia Pelchat, PhD explains “People tend to crave what they eat”. She conducted a study where she gave test subjects tasteless meal-replacement beverages, by the end of the study their need for junk food was hugely decreased & they wanted bland drinks.

Eating something simple like white bread can have a huge effect on your body. Refined carbs like white bread causes your body to break it down into glucose (a sugar type), this then triggers the body to release insulin into the blood stream. Eating unhealthy for a while causes the body to expect glucose & therefore it continues to discharge insulin into the blood stream. Sugar is extremely addictive & causes your brain to release “feel good” chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.

I guess this is why you find people comfort eating fast food, chocolate & other unhealthy foods. Whilst eating them you are tricked into feeling good & you believe it’s the food, when really the food is acting like  temporary addictive drug.

One experience I have had lately with this is McDonalds. McDonalds is currently doing their Monopoly event where you get tokens with meals which can result in prizes or free food. Since this event has been on, I have been having McDonalds a lot more than I used to & I am finding myself wanting the food more and more. I guess it’s a smart marketing scheme, people feel like their getting free food & prizes, when really they’re getting hooked on the restaurants food.

I will just have to try and take Zac Efron’s advice. The only problem is, I currently have two tokens for a free meal at McDonalds. Surely I can’t waste them right? Thanks for reading this post, if you enjoyed it feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment below. You can easily comment using Facebook, Twitter or WordPress.

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Zac needs to come out of the closet already. I mean helloo, the guy is a gay icon. On another topic, is my craving for jizz due to constantly swallowing it? he he he i’m such a naughty twink