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World War 3 Coming Next Month?


Self-proclaimed ‘messenger of God’ Horacio Villegas claims to have correctly predicted Trump would attack Syria and says global nuclear war is just WEEKS away – Daily Mirror

  • Military video on Facebook
  • Mystic Accurately predicts several events & date for WW3
  • North Korea plays video of America in flames
  • Russia Deploys Military to border of North Korea

A few days ago I logged onto Facebook (I know you’re probably thinking “oh no Dan, come on… This isn’t a rumour on Facebook is it?”). This is going somewhere so just bare with me, in fact the majority of UK newspapers are writing about it.

So I logged onto Facebook to see a video on my feed of a train full of military vehicles. To be honest I didn’t think much about it, I just thought “oh maybe they’re just relocating they’re shit”. I mean let’s face it, Donald Trump has thrown a lot of systems in the U.S up in the air in the past couple of months. A lot of people though were starting to panic over the video assuming with the recent North Korea vs Trump stuff, he was preparing for war.

Watch the video here: Click here

13th of May – WW3 Nuclear War

Today I logged onto my computer to see that the majority of UK Newspapers have heard from a Mystic who accurately predicted a lot of stuff in the past. The Daily Mirror wrote “Self-proclaimed ‘messenger of God’ Horacio Villegas claims to have correctly predicted Trump would attack Syria and says global nuclear war is just WEEKS away”.

According to The Mirror, The express, Daily Record & tons more, this guy accurately predicted that Trump would not only become President, but would also attack Syria. Now he has gone and predicted that on the 13th of May – 100th anniversary of the visitation of Our Lady of Fatima, Nuclear war will break out.

Read more about it on the Metro website: Click Here

You have to remember that it was only yesterday, or two days ago that North Korea showed a video of America in flames during a military celebration. As if tensions between the U.S and North Korea weren’t already high enough!

Putin Deploying Military Day After China

You then have Russia deploying military to their border with North Korea. The Daily Mail wrote “Putin sends troops to Russia’s border with North Korea after China also sends soldiers to its boundary over fears Trump will attack Kim Jong-un, sparking a tidal wave of refugees”. This coming a day after China sent 150,000 troops to their border.

Read more on Daily Mail website: Click here

Theres a video on the article above showing Russia deploying military on a train similar to the top video. Theres also a map showing where China and Russia are deploying to on the border.

So what does this all mean, is it all an over reaction by the media? Do you think WW3 / Nuclear war is coming? Could the mystic be correct in saying it’s as close as the 13th of may?!

All I know is that the thought is absolutely terrifying, I feel scared not only for myself but all the innocent people who could get hurt, the innocent North Korean public, the troops, heck it could be devastating. You have to remember that the Obama years used diplomatic tactics to try and control/contain North Korea & it has recently come to light that they were lying to the U.S about their nuclear involvement. Now Trump is in control letting the military advisors use what ever force they feel necessary, could they be advising they remove the North Korean threat once and for all?

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