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Wentworth Miller is BACK! – Prison Break 4th April Return


Prepare yourself for the return of one of the most popular shows of all time. After ending with hot twink stud Michael Scofield dying & ending the show, Prison Break was placed onto Netflix and has since become one of their most popular shows, trending in the most popular for years.

In the US the show starts tomorrow! April 4th 2017, but for those in other regions may have to wait a little longer. It will all be worth the wait though to see many of the old characters returning to assist in what looks to be, the most dangerous Prison Break yet.

I haven’t seen the show before, is it any good?

If you haven’t seen Prison Break before, i recommend you get on Netflix right now & start binging it. There’s plenty to look at with Michael being played by Gay actor Wentworth Miller, especially in Season One where he truly looks like a hot Twink in a terrible situation, Prison! Surrounded by dangerous bears, just ready to get their claws out for that sweet, sweet honey.

Prison Break was one of my all time favourite shows even though some people find some seasons hit or miss, season 2 was a struggle the first time I watched it. But on my 5-6th time watching through the show, I find all seasons a joy to watch now.

I can remember being in my University halls & I got a guy I met there to start watching the show with me. We ended up watching tons of episodes everyday, he loved it just as much as me.

Will this season be any good?

Honestly, I think it will be. I have a good feeling about the show returning. The only thing I am slightly upset about is the season being quite short, but I believe this was due to actors schedules & possibly the production company being nervous it might not be a hit. Hopefully if this season is a success & doesn’t end in tragedy, there could be future seasons – epic.

Have you seen Prison Break before? Excited by the return? Will you be watching? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Wentworth is a hottie. More of a jock than a twink, but I’d let him have his way with me any day!