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A Way Out Epic New Trailer


A Way Out trailer released today by EA showing an epic co-op prison break action-stealth game – Releasing Early 2018

E3 is underway and new game trailers are already starting to appear. Today a new Trailer from EA was released for a new co-op game ‘A Way Out’ by the same director who did the game Brothers.

Theres a video at the bottom of this article which outlines lots of cool things & shows extra footage.

The game revolves around two characters┬áLeo and Vincent & their escape from a prison. Obviously the thing that makes this game so appealing is that it’s co-op, adding endless possibilities for working with friends, distracting guards & enjoying the experience with someone else (less lonely).

The game will be online but playing side by side in the same room is apparently much more enjoyable. Grab the snacks and let’s do this!

What’s It About?

Obviously the main objective of the game is to break out of prison. The trailer also shows what happens once you’re outside of prison & it looks pretty action packed with some emotional story elements (hospital scenes, police chases).

I loved the look of the prison scenes, but i’m really hoping the majority of the game is prison based. A lot of the trailer for A Way Out looked outside of prison & this would be like any other game.

Look at TV show Prison Break, season one was epic & then once they broke out, people stopped watching (I personally loved every season) & viewing figures dropped.


Apparently the game is only co-op and if you play online there is NO match making, meaning you have to have a friend to play. This to me seems pretty limited, but I think the bold move will be a good one. It means you have to experience it with someone else & means the games story will be more co-op than anything done before.

Whatever happens the game looks great fun & I can’t wait.

Here is a really great video showing extra footage & outlining the features of the game!

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