Just a couple of week after the Walking dead episode ‘The Other Side’ aired, where Jesus the bearded cool dude confirmed his sexuality as Gay (copying the original comic book series) Daniel Newman an actor also in the popular television show The Walking Dead, came out as Gay on Twitter.

Daniel plays a character who is part of the Kingdom community but has also played roles in Sex and the City, Homeland & the Vampire Diaries.
Having over 1 million Twitter followers, Daniel tweeted:

The support and response from everyone has been overwhelming & this caused him to then release a video with the hashtag #OUTandPROUD where he states that it was “just time”. In the video Daniel explains how he was volunteering at a homeless youth centre when a girl came up to him & thanked him for helping out with LGBT. This was when she revealed that she thought he was straight, & Daniel explained he wasn’t straight.

“Why have you never said that publicly before? You could help change our lives.”

After she expressed how important it was for people to know who he was, it inspired him to come out & be confident about who he truly is.

I have to admit, even being a big homeland & walking dead fan it took me a while to realise who Daniel Newman was (I know, I am ashamed), but I have huge respect for Daniel making the decision to come out.

What do you think about Daniel, leave a comment with your thoughts below 🙂

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