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Tinder Telling Me To Be Gay?


Was Tinder telling me I had to be gay?

A while ago I decided to try my luck on the popular dating app called Tinder, admittedly i’m not the most confident person when it comes to dating so I wasn’t expecting too much. I set up my profile, added some of my most popular photos from Instagram & starting swiping.

After a few weeks I think I had only matched with one or two real girls & about 4 fake spam bot ones trying to send me to porn streams. You might be thinking “oh two matches that’s not bad”, well considering they had accidentally matched me & immediately removed me when I sent them a message, it was pretty upsetting. I thought to myself “maybe my pictures aren’t manly enough.

Google was my next port of call for advice to come across more appealing, one tip was to have a photo with a dog (I guess it makes you look kind and adorable). This unfortunately didn’t help, in the UK no real girls wanted to match with me and after a month or two I had one real match but it didn’t go anywhere. I must be honest though, changing my location to Brazil I did end up matching more, but it was still around 5 at best.

I thought to myself, am I really that unappealing and ugly? Maybe girls were just more picky, perhaps they used the app less than guys. So I decided to try something.

Tinder matching with guys

I went into my Tinder settings and changed female to male & starting swiping. I wasn’t being to picky to be honest, as long as someone looked like they weren’t a killer, fairly attractive & clean I swiped them. Within just a few minutes I was getting matches, and within a few weeks I had matched hundreds of guys (185 unread messages and matches currently, it’s probably a lot more as I’ve viewed a ton too).

What the hell is this meant to mean? Do I look gay & only appeal to men? You have to remember that there are a lot less Gay guys on the app than straight women. Perhaps gay guys are less picky & more forward?

I’ve also seen the same results on Twitter and Instagram, gay guys seem to compliment me often & wanna get to know me. Either I don’t appeal to women, or I need to be creepy and really push myself in their faces to get their attention.

Admittedly when I started Super Liking some girls I would get them match with me, but this was usually out of kindness as they would never reply to my messages. Guys on the other hand don’t hesitate to message me. I guess it’s just a sign trying to tell me to be gay.

If you have matched with me, followed me, liked any of my photos etc. Thanks! It looks like men are the only option.

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I just think you’re hiding something! 😉

its okay, be you Danny. <3 😉