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Swearing Hotel Hell Interrupts Breakfast


Channel 4 air episode of Hotel Hell filled with swearing at 11am in the morning, causing Ofcom to be flooded with complaints.

Earlier this week Channel 4 made a big booboo when they accidentally aired an episode of Gordan Ramsay’s Hotel Hell filled with expletives at 11am in the morning!

After just 15 minutes of the show being aired Channel 4 realised their mistake and managed to take the show off air & replaced it with Kirstie Allsopp & her show Handmade Britain.

Users took to twitter to show their dismay & enjoyment of the mistake:


Channel 4’s TV Nightmare

A spokesperson for Channel 4 told the Daily Mail Online.

β€œRamsay’s Hotel Hell is routinely edited for daytime repeat transmission, however due to an error the first part of the wrong version of this programme was aired this morning,”

According to reports Ofcom received around 20 complaints & channel 4 are working with Ofcom as part of their investigation.

I personally think it’s no big deal, it was a mistake and if people really did have a problem with it they could just SWITCH OFF their TV! Let’s face it, you hear swearing in the real world, so one or two blunders on TV shouldn’t be the end of the world.

Either way the story made me chuckle. I can’t imagine the faces on some people when they sat down to enjoy a nice bleeped episode of Hotel Hell, only to be greeted with Fuck in the ears of their nearby children.

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