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‘Stealthing’ The Dangerous Sex Trend


There is a new sex trend which has nothing to do with technique or position, instead it’s something called ‘Stealthing’. This new trend has apparently become more well known recently across social media & is supposedly a rising trend.

What Is Stealthing?

Stealthing is where the guy removes or damages his condom on purpose during sex, without the other person knowing. Why? Because they believe it is a man’s right to “Spread Ones Seed”. According to reports this isn’t just happening during straight intercourse, it’s also happening with gay intercourse too.


‘Trend’ – I personally don’t want to call it a trend, I wanna call it sexual assault & something that is wrong. Trend makes it sound cool and edgy, which it is definitely not! When I first heard about it I legitimately thought “why the hell would someone do that”. Not only can you make the other person pregnant, spread STI’s & cause emotional damage, but you’re also potentially performing a sexual act against someones will.

You may notice I said potentially. Let’s say you are about to have sex & the guy or girl says “have you got protection”, you then say “sure” and put it on. If you then start having sex & mid way take it off, you are sexually assaulting them. They consented to sex, but not unsafe sex!

What if they consent to sex but don’t specifically mention the use of protection? Is it ok then? Probably. Either way the whole ‘Stealthing’ trend seems to be really devious & wrong, which is worrying because theres apparently online communities where men are encouraging each other to perform this act. I guess they then go and brag about it afterwards.

I think we also have to look at the opposite situation where girls and guys are caught damaging their partners condom, so they then use it not knowing it’s faulty. Is this the same? Technically it could be worse, especially if you know you’re doing it to get pregnant and keep the baby.

Let me know what you think about ‘Stealthing’!

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It is completely wrong, of course. It is a violation of your partner’s trust for starters. Even if you hooked up with a stranger, especially if you hooked up with a stranger, it is flat wrong. What is the world coming to…?