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Sensitive Content Tweets?


This morning I woke up & like usual the first thing I do is grab my phone whilst still half asleep & check for notifications. Ignoring all the snapchat sexts, instagram messages & tweets etc. I finally get to an e-mail from Twitter.

Titled ‘Notification: Media Setting Changed’ I’m thinking wtf is this? At first I thought maybe it was a default setting on twitter being changed with media auto playing or something. Nope!

Instead it’s Twitter telling me off for posting a photo of me sun bathing. The e-mail saying “We received reports that media you Tweeted may contain sensitive content”.

“Upon review, we have determined that the media is potentially sensitive and have labeled it accordingly. There will now be a click-through warning message over the media for users whose accounts are set so they are informed before viewing media that may be sensitive”.

Really? It’s only me sun bathing in my underwear, I am wearing underwear! I’m kinda confused, you see girls with bikinis, nipples, camel toe etc. all the time. But if a guy posts himself in underwear apparently it’s too sensitive and needs a warning.

I guess I will just have to keep my photos PG friendly from now on.

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