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Secret WhatsApp Groups Where Hundreds Of Guys Swap Dick Pics


Online Chatroom’s are a thing of the past as gay Whatsapp groups are becoming more popular!

Today I found out about a new gay phenomenon “whatsapp gay groups”. First a bit of information & then my experience of joining a few! (trust me, it’s crazy) & I will also include some links down the bottom for you to join if you feel like it.

Back in summer 2016 Whatsapp added a feature where you could create public groups & share an invite link. This has started a trend of Gay men creating public groups which have grown to have hundreds of participants all sharing photos & talking to each other. Although it’s as simple as sharing a link & opening it on your phone, this phenomenon isn’t hugely well known unless you know where to look!

How Do I Find A Gay Whatsapp Group?

It literally took just a few minutes to find some (I will link them below anyway so you can open them on your phone). All I did was Twitter search “Gay Whatsapp Group” and scrolled down, you’ll usually find tweets like this:

From there all you gotta do is click the link & it will show you a small thumbnail of the Groups stats, name, amount of participants, then you just click ‘join group’! You do however have to click the links on your phone, whatsapp web doesn’t work here.

Whats It Like?

Tons of Dick & Ass aha

I only joined some a few hours ago and they seem exactly how I imagined, full of horny guys sharing their dicks & ass holes. You also never really know who the people in the groups are until they explain or share a photo, this is because you just seem Whatsapp nicknames & phone numbers (yes you will see every ones phone numbers).

You also have a lot of lurkers who join and don’t actually message anything, they literally just join to view other peoples photos as they’re posted. If messages do become too frequent you can easily mute the conversation to prevent notifications popping up every few minutes.

My Experience!

Within 5 minutes of me joining a group guys were showing each other dick pictures & then one guy said “any white guys”, I then responded “me”. Why did I respond? Honestly, I don’t know aha! But either way, it then lead to the guy immediately starting a private conversation with me & then trying to call me for a video chat! (I declined & thankfully he hasn’t called again)

Since then I have just seen tons of guys sharing their photos, receiving feedback & telling people they are horny.

Would I recommend joining one? If you’re an exhibitionist then sure! If you like seeing dick, ass & want people to talk to, sure! I also joined one group which was for Gaymers (Gay Gamers) and that was way less horny & more ‘chit chat’.

Try Joining Yourself

Here are some links I quickly found on Twitter

Feel free to share any Whatsapp Group links in the comments below, or your experiences with them!

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