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Phone Swap – Snapchat Show


Would you let someone look through your phone on a first date?

Two singles on a date are forced to swap phones. Then take turns to look through their dates phone content, while the other watches them do it in a separate booth.

It seems like many of the big companies lately think releasing original content shows is the way to go. With Netflix producing some of the best (House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things) & Amazon following with shows like Mr Robot. Snap inc. creators of Snapchat have also followed suit with an original app show called ‘Phone Swap’.

I opened up snapchat yesterday to find a new area on the stories page, with something called ‘Phone Swap’. Clicking on it I first thought it was an advertisement or a preview for an actual show on TV. But continuing to watch I realised it was a full short show on snapchat.

What is Phone Swap?

Phone swap is probably most peoples worst nightmare. Two singles turn up to a date & after introducing themselves they are then forced to swap phones.

After seeing them hand over their phones, one goes and sits in a booth in a separate room with headphones and a monitor where they can watch & listen to the reactions of their date looking through their phone.

There seems to be NO LIMITS, in the latest episode the guy scrolled through the girls Tinder noticing that she not only matched with guys, but girls too. Then in a preview for next weeks show you see a girl finding nudes of her female date.

At the end of the show the dating pair return the other parties phone & they then both decide whether they want to have a future date.

The show did have my attention & I have to admit I think it’s quite an entertaining concept. Let’s face it phones are a real insight into someones life as most people live on their phones. Admittedly it would be my worst nightmare, but watching other people snoop through their dates phone is fine with me!

How Can I Watch?

Apparently the show has been running for a couple of weeks, but I only saw it this week. There is however a link you can follow to scan the picture. Click Here


Phone Swap
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