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My Experience Posting ‘Nudes’


I find the whole concept of sharing/releasing nude images intriguing. This week I decided to post a ‘nude’ image on my Instagram & Twitter pages & the response was weird.

When are nudes ok? Is it dangerous to send nudes?

People send nude images to others in private all the time, this sometimes can lead to the image being leaked & with the internet today this can result in the image being shared thousands of times (i’m being conservative here – obviously it depends on how attractive the image is aha) all over the world. This form of nude sharing seems to be popular within todays society, especially with apps like Snapchat which gives this false sense of security – “Oh it’s fine, the image isn’t saved & only displays for a few seconds”. This then leads to the recipient taking a screenshot of the image, can show all their friends & if you piss them off, revenge is sometimes dealt. The same goes for relationships, couples share images & when things go sour the same thing can happen.

When it comes to dating apps or online communication with people you may not know so well, sharing comes easier. You meet a cute guy or girl online, get talking to them & the next thing you know, you’re both horny & sharing images without even considering the consequences. I mean heck, I don’t know this person in real life, I’m not going to go into work tomorrow and this person be there.

Now we come to the WWWNudists – the people who aren’t afraid to show their dick, tits or pussy online. Whether it be streaming on webcam sites to earn money, posting dick/tits/pussy pictures on social websites or even uploading home made porn. In my opinion there are two types of WWWNudists (from my experience) the first type uploads photos without ever disclosing their identity, they don’t show their face or release their name. The second type uploads everything with pride, their face in shot with their identity fully disclosed.

I have a confession!

At the beginning of this post I said that I had posted a ‘nude’ image this week on my Twitter & Instagram, this was true. I have however met the criteria of a shy WWWNudist in the past a few years ago. I don’t know how I came across the idea or what crossed my mind, but on Tumblr there are many different pages where people can submit a photo of themselves & then people can rate them, sort of like ‘Hot or Not’. What a lot of people don’t know unless you’re a WWWNudist, is that there are pages like that for dick, tits and pussy photos. This is where I had the sudden urge to submit a photo of my dick (without sharing my identity, purely a dick photo with nothing else to give my identity away) and have it rated, shared & reblogged on XXrated/WWWNudist tumblr pages.

Now if you know me in real life you’re probably thinking I’m stupid, crazy & either disappointed or disgusted. However if you don’t know me in real life you’re probably a little less judgemental. I told one of my closest online friends about it this week after she saw my latest ‘nude’ photo, she actually liked the idea & explained that she had thought about doing it herself as a private WWWNudist. I explained to her that it was nice to have people enjoy, compliment & appreciate the photo. Obviously this could have backfired if people didn’t like it but luckilly plenty of people did. It boosted my confidence, helped me appreciate myself more & all whilst never disclosing it was my dick. Imagine, I currently have a dick photo online somewhere out there in the historic posts of Tumblr. Would I ever do it with pride? With my face in the photo? Probably not!

The Weird Response!

You may have noticed throughout this post I have been typing my latest nude like this – ‘nude’. This is because I don’t personally class it as a full blown nude, you can’t see my dick & you can’t even see my ass just the side of my hip. So when I decided to post the photo (which I may add has been in a public album on Facebook for a while) I wasn’t expecting much of a response. I was wrong.

I got a message from an online friend who I had worked with in the past. “what is your latest IG lol, as in, why not what is it haha” I responded “it’s art”, for them to reply “I see haha”. I couldn’t understand why someone I hadn’t spoken to in 8 months had messaged me asking what it was. In my opinion it was a nude but in a more artistic style, which wasn’t shocking in the slightest.

I then got a message on the same day from another online friend, the one I mentioned above who had thought about doing it herself. She was surprised it was me saying “That pic actually you on insta?” I replied “lol yeah”. She then went on to ask why I had put it up, said fair enough & went onto explain that she had thought about doing something similar, but was worried she would get shit for it. I told her to do it! Ignore what people said. I personally felt the majority of the response to my photo was hugely positive, give or take the responses where people were shocked, surprised or didn’t think it was me!

I wasn’t sure whether to take it as a compliment that people thought it wasn’t me, or an insult. “Dude is that you? Surely you don’t have a body like that” or “Dude that can’t be you, why the hell would you be suddenly posting something like that”. In the end I took it as a compliment, people thought it was a nice picture & I was proud of myself for having the balls to post it. One person even messaged me saying I had nice hips, another person commented ‘WTF’ & someone even yelled at me in the comments to turn my fucking xbox on ahaha.

That is my experience with public nudes. I won’t get into private because.. well, I don’t wanna! aha

What I will say though, is that I think people are free to do whatever they feel comfortable doing. I myself have been extremely PC friendly for many years due to my work. Having moved to a whole new part of the UK a couple of months ago & being further away from people I grew up with, I have embraced being braver & trying different things. Heck, I have just created this blog, my first post is about nudes & contains the words dick, pussy & titspunish me, i’ve become a naughty boy 😉

Feel free to let me know your opinions on nudes, do you find them perfectly fine, dangerous, stupid? Have you ever shared a nude (feel free to share them to me) if yes, who did you share it to? Are you a WWWNudist?


Thanks for reading my first blog post. I suck at writing so if it was shit, please give me some slack 🙂 It’s hard to shove your thoughts into a fairly ordered post, trying to make sense, whilst also wondering if people will even read it or find it in the slightest bit interesting. I’d love to hear some feedback though, especially your experiences on this topic.

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