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Must Have Selfie App!


Are you someone like me who ends up taking selfie after selfie? Well a few months ago I came across a FREE App which is a must have, letting you iron out some of the creases, add a smile, change gender & even make you old!

The app is called Faceapp, originally starting out on iOS has now since been released on Android too. Face app uses neural networks to upload a square selfie to a cloud which then allows you to select how to transform it.

Currently the app allows you to change gender, become older, younger, hotter, create gifs & even collages. When you first download the app you will find some annoying overlays which get positioned on top of exported images, but these can easily be removed within the settings page.

Whether you want to use it to try and smooth out your selfies on Instagram, mess around with genders turning your friends into the opposite sex, this app is one of my most favourite apps of all time. There was even a part of me that wanted to keep it secret just because it’s so awesome, but having now shared it with my friends, we have so much fun messing around with each others photos & sending them in Whatsapp.

I must however admit some of the flaws I have found within the app. Sometimes adding a smile can be pretty buggy giving distorted teeth & sometimes deforming the face. You also find that wearing glasses provides a huge problem when using the ‘hot’ feature as it tries to remove the glasses from your face. I don’t think it’s saying people who wear glasses are unattractive, I just think it’s the processing unable to understand what’s on the face – So hopefully this can be a future improvement.

You can find the app in the Google & Apple store by searching ‘Faceapp’

Google: Click Here

Apple: Click Here

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