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Michael Scofield’s Last Season?


Earlier this week we were blessed with the newest season of Prison Break, an epic return that we have all been waiting for. Unless you’re in the UK, for some reason you have to wait 6 days more to watch.

According to Nielsen data the show faired well on it’s come back earning 3.8 million viewers. Although comparing this to previous episodes the figures aren’t that high, this could however change & gain more traction as the word of mouth spreads from viewers.

Season 1 – Episode 1: 10.51 Million Viewers

Season 4 – Episode 1: 6.53 Million Viewers

Season 5 – Episode 1: 3.83 Million Viewers (New Season)

In all honesty I expected the show to have done better, especially given the new marketing strategies FOX used on Facebook & Twitter. There was even a Facebook bot where T-Bag would quiz you on past seasons in messenger.

Was the episode epic?

I absolutely loved the first come back episode. It had the exact same feel as previous seasons & brought back plenty of characters (I won’t give too much away). At times I did feel like the story was a little bit over the top, random & confusing.


One thing I didn’t understand was why Michael decided to contact T-bag in Prison. Why him? Then when Lincoln got his car taken over by a laptop, locking his seat belt & controlling every part of his car. This was a rental car right? Do cars like that really have technology that can lock seat belts? (I am from the UK so perhaps in the US things are different)

*Spoilers End*

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved the episode & I will be watching every single week. In fact I can’t wait! I just feel that perhaps the episodes had maybe been rushed in some parts, due to the limited schedule the actors had when filming. I can remember reading an article last year that explained the series was shorter due to the actors availability.

Wentworth Miller

Michael seems to have changed in this season, for the better! (I hope). When you see Michael for the first time (spoilers coming) he seems to have changed into someone else. He has new tattoos on his hands giving him a ‘thug gang member’ feel. Then he’s become some dangerous notorious terrorist character who doesn’t recognise his brother. Going from hot mysterious twink in season one, to dangerous hot terrorist.

Some bad news!

Prison Break creator has come out in an interview giving some pretty sad news.

“I couldn’t tell you another story about this group of people. Maybe somebody else can, or by accident, I’ll somehow, possibly, dream up another prison escape that’s new and fresh, but I would bet against it. You can only be open for business, if it’s worth being open for business. Your product has to be worthwhile. Until I, or someone else, can come up with something that’s really worthwhile for the audience, you have to say goodbye to these people.”

This could potentially mean we will no longer see any more Michael Scofield, Lincoln or Sarah after this season ends. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there are limitations to what you can do. It must be incredibly hard to think up more story for the same characters, especially when the premise of the show is breaking out of prison. Heck, they even brought Michael back from the dead! How much more can they do.

What could they do next?

Obviously I don’t know how this season is going to end, but let’s assume all the characters live. In Episode one we learn that Michaels history has been erased from the internet and all records. In my opinion this could be the perfect opportunity for a ‘Hire for break out’ scheme.

Michael and his friends could form some kind of squad (similar to Mission Impossible, Fast & furious) where they’re either paid or blackmailed into doing a job. Michael could change his appearance, go into another Prison & break a client out. It could even go worldwide where they go to different countries where Michael would be less known (just like this season).

I don’t know if this idea would work, I would definitely watch it though. Perhaps I am trying to cling onto the show & current characters too much. Either way, I want to see more prison break outs in movies & TV.

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