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My Love Of Food – HELP

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I’ve come to the realisation that I love food too much & no matter how hard I try, I will make as many valid excuses to convince myself chocolate, crisps, snacks & Dr Pepper is ok.

When I was younger I could literally eat whatever I wanted and I wouldn’t grow in size, but now that i’m not at school playing football everyday I am noticing a change in my body. Thinking back over the past few years I have also come to the realisation that I became a takeaway addict, some weeks I would get takeaway 3-4 times delivered to the house. I guess it made me feel better, it was a comfort to have nice warm food delivered to eat along side watching a show with a friend online. I eventually found that I was having one particular takeaway so often, I actually started to get sick of it.

Luckilly for me a couple of months ago I moved from my home town of Reading, 5 hours down south to the county of Cornwall. Why is this a good thing? It’s literally in the middle of nowhere, instead of noisy people walking past outside the house we have horse riders. I open up Just Eat only to have 1 restaurant to delivers to the new house, I mean wow. I have however found myself snacking a lot more, every time I open the fridge there is chocolate bars staring me in the face! I try and ask my family to not buy them, but this goes in one ear and out the other. Admittedly I am secretly glad they are buying the chocolate – this is the problem.

I can remember a few years ago I was having a drink of Coke & all of a sudden I smelt a really bad foul smell. It was like a psychological mess, the bad smell immediately made me have a distaste for coke at that very moment. I think this is something that I need to try and enforce into my everyday thinking, perhaps when I wanna eat a chocolate bar I think of a really bad smell or taste and try to train my brain it’s bad.

This would all be good if I didn’t keep saying to myself “oh one more chocolate bar will be ok, i did gym earlier” I then find myself eating 2 in a day (Don’t judge me aha, or maybe do! It might help). Another thing I tell myself is “Oh go on then i’ll have one more & then start cutting down tomorrow”. Tomorrow then never comes!

Heck, writing this has literally given me a huge craving for chocolate. I’m on my way to the fridge. Let me know if you have any good solutions or if you have the same problem.

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Donnie T

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