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Guys Bedroom Skills Based On His Zodiac Sign


Have you ever wondered what a guy might be like in the bedroom? I know I have, plenty of times. Perhaps you’re thinking it all depends on DNA, personality, their lifestyle & health. You’re wrong, it’s all about their Zodiac sign. Whether they’re a passive twink, dominant bear, bouncy jock or sweet sugar daddy, their Zodiac sign will tell you what to expect in the bedroom. Will they be a cute, pleasure or a bitchy mind-game playing diva.

Be sure to comment at the bottom of the page whether it matches your skills or someone you know (twitter, facebook comments are activated). Also feel free to share this post, I am excited to see how accurate it actually is.


Aries: Hot, Hot in Love (sometimes in temper) – The Master Kisser

If you’re someone who loves kissing (hello, who doesn’t), you’re in the right place. The Aries guys love to spend time kissing, theres no worry of a quick peck & then them diving down below. Aries is also a

Robert Downey Jr. – 4th April – Aries

fire sign with ram horns, this means he’s definitely going to be filled with passion (mess with the ram, get the horn).

This guy won’t mind taking the lead in bed, think dominant bear pouncing on his prey or passive twink pleasing his master. Be careful though, give an Aries too much control and he will take it & may even treat it like a competition where only one of you can come out as victor. One thing about Aries guys is that they don’t mind taking their time. So if you do give them full control, don’t expect it to end too quickly! (ouch!)


Taurus: Generous Giver – The Stamina Of An Ox

If you ask me it doesn’t come much better than a generous giver with godlike stamina. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like being on the receiving end from time to time? And when it’s never ending pleasure where the guy just doesn’t slow down, hello – count me in! (I am actually a taurus myself, so feel free to form an orderly line. I am here all week & you now know what to expect)

Channing Tatum – 26th April – Taurus

There are some people who say the Taurus are the most romantic partner you can have. He likes to take it slow, but could probably go on for hours if you didn’t stop him. Due to him liking to take it slow you can expect a pleasurable time, just don’t expect something fast & firey. Taurus guys aren’t also ones to try too many new things if they find something that works, they will instead stick to what they know best.

Taurus guys aren’t ones to give a halfhearted but if you like lovers who are unpredictable, you’re probably in the wrong place. Expect a long steady fuck.


Gemini: Experimental & Creative – The Twins Full Of Possibility

Gemini means twins in latin, this means you can expect dual nature giving plenty of surprises. Taurus & Aries are quite predictable and meticulous but when it comes to a Gemini guy, you can expect plenty of surprises & excitement. Gemini guys will want to be experimental and as creative as possible, wanting to try many new things in the sack (unless trying new things means something more adventurous like outdoor, public fun).

Chris Evans – 13th June – Gemini

Gemini have tons of energy & aren’t afraid to use it, you may also find them changing their sexuality or sexual preferences while never being afraid to try new things (Let me hear you say Threesome). Sometimes they can get sexually carried away, wanting to push the boundaries & possibly trying more dangerous uncommon things (Twink looking for “fist me daddy”?). If you are sexually involved with a gemini you’ll be expected to keep them interested as they can easily get bored, so don’t fuck a gemini guy if you’re boring & one dimensional.


Cancer: Sweaty Burning Passion – Crab Grabbing For More

A cancer guy will leave you with an unforgettable experience, something you’ll remember for a very long time. Fucking will be warm and passionate, expect a sweaty experience where you’ll feel things you have never felt before (Let’s put it this way, he will get to know your internal landscape VERY well & you’ll love every second).

Benedict Cumberbatch – 19th July – Cancer

Cancer guys usually enjoy something more than a one night stand, something meaningful where they can hold you tight, keeping you warm & safe (think protective daddy, loyal twink, a bear sharing his honey while fending off threats). Fucking with a Cancer guy can sometimes be emotional, he will want to pour his heart and soul into you (it might not be the only thing he’s pouring into you). Sometimes they can be extremely moody & if they feel defensive (don’t upset them – they are very emotional) they may not perform too well. They will however treat you well with little things like Breakfast in bed, sweet love notes.

So basically they can either be an emotional clingy sexual god who you’ll remember for ever, but if you upset them they can be an emotional over reactive diva.


Leo: Strength & Beauty – Powerful Attractive Lion

When you see a Leo expect to immediately fall in love with him, and don’t be shocked if you immediately want to fuck. The Leo guy is strong, maybe not always in muscular terms, but personality. Have you ever met a guy who has a strong personality, it glows, it’s interesting, it makes you laugh, you fall for him quickly. Of course strong can also mean physique, muscular & chiseled – Think Zac Efron or if you’re

Chris Hemsworth – 11th August – Leo

into hairy guys, David Hasselhoff. In fact thinking about it, David does look very Lion like, he’s extremely tanned & hairy (I just checked he’s 5 days before being a Leo – Close enough).

The Leo has plenty of stamina, won’t be afraid to maul his gazelle & will have a lot of patience (Lions look for the weakest in the heard before they pounce for their meal, BUT aren’t afraid for a challenge from time to time). Leo guys like to be more traditional, not rush & perform sex in the way it’s meant to be done. They won’t be afraid to woo you with gifts before hand making the experience dreamy and enjoyable. Don’t however expect him to admire you, he loves himself more than you & will expect your admiration (if he looks like Zac Efron, who cares he deserves to be admired).


Virgo: Generous & Thoughtful With Eye For Detail – Sensitive Maiden

If you’re not careful a Virgo could come across creepy, why? Virgo men have eyes for detail, they will notice things about you that may have changed. Maybe you’ve had your eyebrows done, anal waxing, tanning, new hair – They will

Idris Elba – 6th September – Virgo

notice this and compliment you with their generous personality.

Virgos aim to please, to him you are his world. If you ask him for something, he will give it to you. You may find that he doesn’t initiate bedroom fun, he will wait for you to do it (even if he really enjoys it and wants it, perhaps he wants you to initiate it so you feel comfortable). With a Virgo you are expected to take charge whatever you want, whenever you want it he will oblige. Although they like to give you as much pleasure as possible, you will need to get the ball rolling.


Libra: Mysterious & Memorable – The In-between Scales

You never know what you’re going to get with a Libra, but whatever you do get will be memorable. Libras are all about offering an experience. He wants to create a relationship

Zac Efron – 18th October – Libra

where he treats you right, where you’re a partnership (think of the scales, both sides forming a partnership). Libra guys are definitely not shy & will most certainly initiate things wanting to create a magical experience, one where you feel important and cherished.

Libras are random, sporadic, unpredictable, adventurous, sexual beings. You’ll usually find he doesn’t enjoy opening up or expressing his inner feelings with you. Which side of the scales will you get, there is only one way to find out.


Scorpio: Adventurous & Fearless – Scorpion Of Reproduction

Firecrackers, Fireworks, Explosions, these all describe the experience you will get with a Scorpio guy. He is absolutely fearless & Scorpio is known for being the best to get into bed.

Ryan Reynolds – 23rd October – Scorpio

Scorpios love to bring seduction and heat into the bedroom, expect a wild fuck. There is however a downfall, they also like to bring these traits outside the bedroom causing them to play mind games.

Scorpios can be very inventive when it comes to sex, expect them to wanna try new positions or ways to bring more excitement into sex (toys, role play). Although Scorpios can be the best to take to the bedroom, you have to be extremely careful. If you upset the scorpion expect a sting, if things go foul they won’t be afraid of being dirty & cruel.


Sagittarius: Manly Acrobat – The Direct Arrow

Expect strength and dominance in the bedroom with a Sagittarius guy. If you’re a passive twink, a Sagittarius will be perfect for tossing you around the bedroom & forcing his dominance on you. You definitely want to let the Sagittarius lead in the bed, what he wants you give him especially

Jesse Metcalfe – 9th December – Sagittarius

because they’re usually mentally and physically strong.

There is a downfall with Sagittarius guys, they like to be free spirits, independent. You may find that they enjoy open relationships so they can feel more free (would you try and stop a fast moving arrow?). Because of their free nature, you may not feel emotionally connected to them as much as other signs. They will however make up for this in the bedroom with their dominance, strength and acrobatic nature (Enjoy throwing you around, trying different positions whilst dominating you).


Capricorn: Uptight Conservative Fetish Lover – Dual Natured Sea Goat

Capricorns will bring a lot of heat and intensity to the bedroom, he will take you to the next level in the bedroom. As the title suggests Capricorn guys can come across as conservative & sometimes uptight. But due to the goat being

Liam Hemsworth – 13th January – Capricorn

dual natured with a sea tail, things may not always be this way in the bedroom!

They are generous lovers who will leave you feeling pleasured, but don’t be alarmed if they have fetishes. Before you even get to fucking you will experience what the Capricorn has to offer, he will be all over you with kissing, hugging & touching. Then when it does reach the bedroom expect him to take charge whilst having kinks and fetishes. Whilst everything may seem pretty enjoyable and normal at first, once you finally get in sync expect some wild experiences. If you’re not a patient person Capricorns are not for you however if you are patient, the wait will definitely be worth it.


Aquarius: Explorative & Non-Judgemental – The Pouring Pitcher

Aquarius guys are very explorative in the bedroom, they’re willing to go where other men may be afraid to visit. This is great if you’re into a particular fetish or kink due to their open minded nature & willingness to explore in the bedroom.

Taylor Lautner – 11th February – Aquarius

What’s also good about Aquarius guys is there ability to pour things he learns about you in the bedroom away, don’t expect him to air your bedroom antics.

Due to the Aquarius wanting to experiment and try new things, you will always feel satisfied & secure by his non-judgemental persona. You will be able to feel more at ease due to not being judged, allowing you to also be more open to trying new things. For him he may not need an emotional connection, instead the sex is an experiment, wanting to try new things. If you’re the type of person who wants someone to try new things with, without getting too attached – Aquarius is for you.


Pisces: Flexible Artist – Two world Fish

Pisces are very flexible when it comes to the bedroom, when it comes to sexual chemistry they are easily able to adjust to your tempo & preferences. Think of them like an artist, they take your vision and paint it. In bed a Pisces guy can be

Jensen Ackles – 1st March – Pisces

extremely sensual and soulful & due to them adjusting to your needs you may feel a bond.

There are however two different sides. Pisces is two fish ‘two different worlds’. One pisces guy may be very selfish, enjoy mind games & play emotional traps on you (think smart guilt trips, making you feel guilty without even knowing). The other pisces guy may be completely selfless, meeting your every need, being extremely kind & sensitive. Due to the selfish Pisces you can sometimes find Pisces guys having baggage due to him playing games with previous encounters. If you meet a Pisces guy with baggage, I would run (unless he’s hot).


Obviously these Zodiac descriptions aren’t going to match 100% of the time with every guy. Does the description match your sexual personality? Does it match someone you’ve fucked? Comment your experiences below – Twitter, Facebook & Google commenting is available. Feel free to share it on Social Media if you enjoyed it.

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