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GTA VI Unboxings Earning Millions Of Views


GTA VI hype is being abused by scum bags earning millions of youtube views on FAKE GTA VI reveal videos.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular game franchises of all time. There is no other game where I can remember the day of release like it was yesterday.

I can remember the release of GTA 4, waking up early to pick it up as soon as HMV opened, heading back home on the bus hearing all the school kids talking about it. GTA V all over social media with literally everyone playing it, Amazon fucking my order up so I had to buy it digitally.

Well this hype is now being abused on Youtube by scums bags trying to rack up millions of views from fake GTA VI reveal videos. Everyone is waiting for GTA VI but lets face it GTA online is still hugely popular and earning millions for Rockstar, I can’t see GTA VI being released for many more years.

To be fair to rockstar they are extremely generous releasing online content updates for free, take note Call Of Duty you greedy bastards. Let’s face it, they still make millions from online currency & releasing the content free to everyone keeps the game alive & everyone has the same content. Not like Call Of Duty where half the players don’t have half the maps.

Scum Bag’s!

Doing a youtube search for GTA VI unboxing brings up several videos with millions of views from big youtubers abusing their viewers. What made me even more disgusted was one YouTuber Sernandoe making TWO videos on GTA VI unboxings, how much of a fuck tard bastard can you be. The videos getting way more dislikes than likes doesn’t matter, they’re wracking in views and earning $$$.

One channel called Sonymouse even uploaded a fake GTA VI trailer which has gained 23, yes TWENTY THREE million views. It’s not even GTA content, it’s from a completely different game.

GTA VI Hurry Please

Putting aside the scum bags lying to their viewers to get millions of views, GTA VI come soon please. GTA VI is one of those franchises which puts so much effort into their games that everyone feels like a never ending experience.

They’re more than a game, you get drawn in and feel like you’re living the experience. It’s just a shame wankers are abusing something to scam people. I personally wish Rockstar would take the videos down or file a complaint, I understand GTA 6 hype videos are expected, but when you get people pretending to open GTA 6 games & truly try to scam viewers, it’s disgusting.

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