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Gender Talk – Is Non-Binary Ridiculous?


“What if I started to identify as a black woman?” Piers Morgan Accused of Fear Mongering in debate with Non-Binary couple Fox & Owl on Good Morning Britain

This morning I woke up to hear Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain interviewing/debating with Non-Binary Trans couple, Fox & Owl. For those who don’t know Non-Binary is where someone does not identify as man or woman. This then means you can’t identify that person as He or She but instead they, them or by their name.

During the interview Piers Morgan used the same logic to identify himself as a “Black Woman” and an “Elephant”. Piers said “If I decided to identify myself as a completely different skin colour to the one that I am that would clearly be ridiculous, right?”. Does his logic make sense? If so can I identify as Spider-Man!

My Experience With Non-Binary

Recently I had an online friend explain that they had become non-binary. The sentence you just read I nearly wrote differently, “online friend explain she had become non-binary”. For years I knew ‘them’ as a girl, with a female name, who was a lesbian. Not only did they start identifying as non-binary, but they also changed their name which made things even more difficult.

I find it very difficult. Let me explain why.

When you know someone as a girl & a particular name for years & then suddenly that changes, it’s very hard to change how you speak in every day conversations where you’re so used to call them by their old name & their old gender. What makes it worse is “they” (I wanted to say she again) get angry at me for accidentally getting things wrong, when I don’t actually intend to.

My stance is I am ok with people living life how they want to live life (within boundaries, murder etc is a no-no, I mean sexuality, gender, religion etc) but is it starting to make life more complicated than it needs to be?

I am happy to call my friend by their new name & try to identify them as non-binary. But I have to admit, it is making my experience with them more challenging – hopefully this will get easier with time, when I start to get used to how I speak with them.

I don’t think people should be hated on for calling someone who looks like a male or female, he or she by accident though.

Is it wrong to not agree with non-binary?

During the interview Piers Morgan explains that he doesn’t get it & he thinks it’s just a fad, something that people want to be a part of because it’s cool, they think they’re changing the world. But is it wrong to not accept non-binary? I personally think people are allowed to accept it & if they don’t want to then thats their choice. Who knows, maybe in the future it will be mandatory, but until then the discussion & debate is there.

Here are some Tweets made about the debate. Some support Non-Binary, some don’t support it.


What do you think about Non-Binary? Let me know in the comments section below!

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