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Curfews For Under 18’s After 9pm


“Petty crime, anti-social behaviour, robbery, assault, gun and knife crime need to stop. A curfew in place for people under the age of 18 may prevent youths participating in gang culture and getting involved in criminal activity.”

There is currently an online petition doing the rounds gaining over 5900 signatures in just 5 days. Click HERE to view the petition

Underage Youth

The petition explains that petty crime,anti-social behavior, assault, knife crime & robbery needs to stop. The solution, enforcing a curfew to all under 18 year old’s between 9pm and 6am unless accompanied by an adult. The petition goes on to explain that it’s just an idea that’s being put out there & it’s not only to police offenders but also protect innocent minors.

There has already been many comments from people on both sides.

My Thoughts On A Curfew

When I first saw the petition and started reading it I immediately thought this is wrong, it will turn us more into a policed state & we need freedoms. But after thinking about it more & reading some of the opinions of others, I have started to think it’s a reasonable idea.

Obviously not all under 18’s are criminals or troublemakers, but lets look at the situation. The amount of times I have seen under 18’s verbally abuse the police on documentaries & TV police camera shows, because they know they can get away with stuff because they are “too young”.

You then have youths hanging around in gangs with knives, weapons. Some parents unable to control their children & keep them inside at night, allowing them to group up with friends and cause trouble. Yes parents should be the ones to control their children, but many can’t.

Why Do Under 18’s Need To Be Out After 9pm?

Honestly, I can’t really think of a reason. Unless of course they have a job, but if that was the case they could apply for a permit & if police stopped them, they could prove they were going to/returning from work. For anything else, parents could accompany their children.

I used to work at a newsagents years ago in a fairly large town, this meant getting up at 4am and heading into work to prepare the newspapers. Several times I was stopped by young lads in groups, once I was nearly attacked but luckily I managed to call my parents in my pocket and get help (we drove past them after and they had picked up a huge piece of wood for a weapon). You would then get to work & the shopping area outside would all be vandalized, rubbish all over the floor, bins burned and kicked, graffiti. You then have councils wasting their money repairing all the damage instead of using it on more important things.

What do you think?

I’d love to know what you think of the petition and the proposed idea of a curfew. I spoke to a couple of friends and they said this was a very conservative idea & that under 18’s are human beings. He then went onto explain “if you want to stop anti-social behaviour give teenagers alternative activities, Iceland did it and almost have zero teenage drinking and asbos”.

Do you think under 18’s should be free to roam around at night freely? Or do you think this could be a good idea?

Link to the Petition: Click Here

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