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Last week I was suddenly blown away by a huge wave of excitement for a new Netflix show that had apparently just been released. Later that day a trailer for the show appeared on my Facebook feed and I have to admit it didn’t really get me excited, but due to the huge excitement for it I felt like maybe I was missing out on something great & sat down to watch it. Little did I know, the show was actually adapted from a book which was why so many people were getting excited by it.

I don’t want to give away anything important for those who haven’t read the book or seen the show yet & I have heard the show differs in some parts from the book. But here is a quick summary of my thoughts, feelings & whether I feel the show is worthy of your time.

My thoughts on the Pace & Characters:

I watched the first couple of episodes alone & although some parts were slow I felt like this had a huge effect on my connection to the show. It felt like I was seeing every single part of the story & it was like real life, nothing was cut or rushed, scenes would be long and drawn out. What I loved was the narration speed, it wasn’t done like someone reading a perfectly written script, it was drawn out & had pauses to emulate someone thinking & then speaking their thoughts.

Most of the characters and actors were very believable & a joy to watch, at some points I felt like I was watching a show where everyone seemed to be perfectly attractive with speech that was more grown up & beyond their years. By the end of the show I felt like I had a connection to almost everyone & could understand exactly why they had acted the way they did (apart from one, because what he had done was just absolutely diabolical). This is what made the show so strong, you could relate to almost everything & by the time I reached the last episode (which I must say was extremely strong and powerful – at parts it had me happy, sad & screaming with pain) I honestly felt like my body had been put through a washing machine of emotions. I felt the loss that Clay (the guy we follow) had felt through the show.

Should you watch the show?

Yes. This show will make you think about the past, present & future. It will make you think about how you should treat people & possibly treated people badly in the past. The show makes sometimes small actions have huge consequences & it’s extremely powerful.

13 Reasons Why is 13 episodes & can sometimes be a little bit slow, but I highly recommend watching all the way through. In my opinion the show gets more powerful as it progresses & I didn’t regret spending the hours I did watching it (in fact I found it powerful enough to want to write something about it).

The show covers a whole range of topics, bullying, alcohol, drugs, suicide, parental abuse, stalking, mental abuse & a whole lot more. I didn’t want to give too many spoilers away, but I feel like the show handled these topics (as well as one topic I didn’t list) extremely well & even depicted (is that the right word?) them on screen in such a visual manner at times, so much in fact I had to look away or was actually disgusted covering my mouth thinking… That is awful. Not many movies or TV shows do this, many film them in ways that the audience imagines what has happened or it’s done in a way where you hear it but don’t see it. ’13 Reasons Why’ shows every single little part and it makes it feel real, it doesn’t feel like a TV show.

Have you seen the show, read the book or done both? Let me know what you thought about the show in the comments below 🙂

13 Reasons Why
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